OpenWarfare Mod : 4.180.2482 (CoD4)





OpenWarfare team members (in alphabetical order):
* Caipira (Portuguese translations)
* Exte (Spanish translations)
* foxteamfr (French translations)
* Kuklovod (Russian translations)
* 4morirabbit (Italian translations)
* Peluski (Developer)
* Shadowlord (German translations)
* t3chn0r (Developer)

OpenWarfare former team members (in alphabetical order). A special mention goes to these
people that were part of the OpenWarfare team and did major contributions to the project.
* BionicNipple (Developer)
* Jinxter (Developer and German translations)
* Lepko (Developer)
* 0ddball (French translations)
* Spacepig (Developer)
* Trax (French translations)

We would like to thank the following people who have contributed to the project without
being part of the OpenWarfare team (in alphabetical order):
- AbneyPark and "unknown" for publishing their Sniper Zoom mod.
- AintNoMeInTeam for releasing the raw .CSV files to the COD community.
- Bravo17 for finding the error causing the visual guide not to work properly on map_restart.
- BRM (Brothers Realism Mod) for the inspiration for our own multiple map configurations
  for the visual mover.
- Buster from "The Company Hub" for letting us include his weapon tweaks.
- Chandler for help finding the stock weapon files and tips on what needs to be fixed in them.
- CoDEmanX for providing us with all the maps\mp\createfx stock map files that are missing
  in the mod tools.
- Crosstrain for his role as devil's advocate when creating the visual mover/moverguide
  and for testing each implementation for any bugs.
- Dan2k3k4 for his contribution on different aspects of the mod as well as his friendship.
- Dan2k3k4 for the statsTable.csv fix that fixes the Killhouse problem.
- DemonSeed for his healthpack glowing model.
- 105HolyMoley for the extended smoke grenade effect file.
- Insane for converting the SP model of Zakhaev to MP to be able to use it in Assassination.
- KiLL3R for giving us his FreezeTag mod source code that we used to base our FreezeTag
  gametype implementation.
- Marc for his tip on controlling the player stance from his mod ACE.
- Novemberdobby for publishing a list of bones (tag names) to use with the attach() function
  and his invaluable help importing the health pack model from COD1 (YOU ARE A GENIOUS SIR!).
- Number7 for his tip on how to disable the red dot blips via code.
- Ravir for his original idea of supporting dvars based on gametype and map.
- Ryan and Sparks from for all their support.
- Wolfsbane and Slipstick for developing WRM mod for COD2.
- Zeroy for his tip on reducing the material assets to prevent the "Exceeded limit of 2048
  'material' assets" error.
- Last but not least, our great community that is always ready to help us test new features!

We would also like to thank the following Websites (in alphabetical order):
- CustomCOD - Call of Duty Mapping and Modding support! -
- devianArt - Where ART meets application! - -
- IconArchive - Great icons for Win, Max & Linux -

Thank you all!
The OpenWarfare Development Team