French Village (final)

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Date (add or upd) : 2014-12-13


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File name : cod5_mp_frenchvillage_final.rar
File size : 81.99 Mo
Game : Call of Duty 5 World at War
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Last download : 2021-10-23
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Author : 4t4Chris


Version : final
15:45 PM, 13 Dec 2014 CET (Paris)

Update v° final (13 dec 2014)
adding dogs
Adding gametype TWAR        

Update v 1.1 (09 dec 2014)
adding winter texture
Teams : Marines VS German (thx Gerry)
fix : bug with windmill
fix : map won't load by clicking "start"
minor changes in the map

During WW2 in a french village

Game : Call of Duty World at War

Supported Gametype : DM,TDM,DOM,S&D, SAB, CTF, TWAR
Map Size  : Medium
Mod tested Ok (local) : Openwarfare, Pezbots

Contents of this Package :


Credits/Thanks          :

Thanks to Gerry, for his help, winter textures, winter xmodels, bomber Fx !! ( )
Thanks to Zeroy for his help, winter textures, and wiki. ( )
Thanks to Zweimann for dynamic foliage fx. ( )
Thanks to Ieuan for his help. ( )
Thanks to all admins of the Mappers United website. ( )

Thanks to Treyarch for providing the tools/assets.

Additional Notes         :

All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of
the sources respective owners.


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Call of Duty 5 - World at War

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**Important : Must have hidden files & folder OFF**
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