Dome 2.0 (#Zombies) (BO3)

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Date : 2021-01-12

Author : I haZzZ RaBieZ (More infos...)

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About the map

The MW3 classic. Dome 2.0 brought back from the dead. Instead of updating the original map and changing what a lot of people have come to love.
I have updated this as a new release. With more features than the original and complete support for future updates, additions and gun packs.

Features :
Buyable Ending
Gun Armory (Works with every gun pack)
Gun Game
Impact Grenades
Supply Drop
Deadshot 1.5 (Does 1.5 Headshot Damage)
60 Weapons
Toggleable Skyboxs
20 Targets
No Perk Limit
Challenge Modes
Juggernaut Boss
Purifier Specialist Weapon
12 Perks
Custom Powerups
Psh Certified ✓


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Call of Duty - Black Ops 3

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