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Modding by Mits ( Image )


Veteran Clan CoD2
Forgotten Heroes
Scout's and Raider's

Level Designer, Mapping, Modding, Tutorials, Articles : Great community of Mapping / Gaming
Zeroy Wiki : The best Collection of Tutorials about mapping (CoD2, CoD4, CoDWaW, Bo3)
Zeroy : Level Designer ( Image ) : Wiki for Black Ops 3 : Knowledge Base was created to gather Level Art & Design links and resources from around the web in a certain categories. ( Image ) : Is for anyone interested in making content for games or making games and interactive products. ( Image ) : Hajas Modifications ... Modding...Modding...Modding... : Many tutorials
CoD Radiant mapping tutorials : by BlackJackJonnyy (Youtube)
World of Leveldesign : A website/blog aimed at those interested in Game Environment Art and Game Level Design for first person shooters
Izartax : Level Designer
Josvanlaar : Level Designer
Dundy : Level Designer
Cornrow Wallace : Level Designer
Rednosemaps : Level Designer
MAKECENTS : Level Designer
Nukem TMG : Level Designer ( Image )
80 Level : Source of valuable information about the gaming industry and its recent trends ( Image )
Callofdutyview ( Image )
Grimms stuff : Level Designer ( Image ) : Next Level Design is a vehicle for level designers and game designers to learn, share, and grow (  Image ) : Call of Duty Zombies - Official Fan Community Forums : A resource for information and downloads for Call of Duty custom zombies

Around Medal of Honor AA : French community (  Image ) : Custom maps for MoHaa
Axel68 : Custom maps for MoHaa : MoH:AA 1.12 Reborn Project : Custom maps MoHaa & Tutorials ( Image )

Find Call of Duty custom maps

Cfgfactory : Your game, Your config
Gamebanana Maps for CoD4
Gamebanana Maps for CoD2

Zombie maps : Level Designer, zombies maps, tutorials


Texture tools for Photoshop : A collection of texture tools generating normal maps, texture compression, mip map generation
Tom Crowley website : Tools for export / import xmodels (for Call of Duty)
Blender website : Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite
Blender Add-on : Blender Add-On for Call of Duty modding
IW4x Guides : IW4x Guides to help you get started with the client

Textures : Textures : Your CG world with our textures : Textures : Textures : Textures

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Gamebanana Maps for CS:GO
Steam Maps for CS:GO
worldofleveldesign Tutorial List: Source Engine - CS:GO SDK
worldofleveldesign CS:GO SDK 10 Quick Tip Tutorials with Source Engine #1-10