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[Update] Canal BF3 v°2.1 #cod4

Date : September 9, 2018

Canal BF3 v°2.1 #CoD4



Remake of Noshahr Canals BF3
V 2.1 :
fix texture bug
open new building
Update CTF
V 2.0 :
New textures
New Loadscreen
New Minimap
New light and atmosphere
Add CTF Gametype
SD Gametype Updated (spawn & objective location)
Add scripts (sliding door)
Train zone Updated

Tested by NGBC members & Iclan members

Gametype : DM, TDM, DOM, S&D, CTF, SAB, HQ
Map Size : Medium
Mod tested Ok : PeZBOT, Openwarfare, Ace, Rsm, Svr

Credits/Thanks :
all NGBC members (
all Iclan members (

Soirée CoD4 avec les NGBC chez les Iclan, Canal BF3 V2 FINAL en condition réelle de match (S&D : mod SVR)