CoD4Reloaded Mod

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare


Download (nb) : 95

Date : Sep - 19 - 2018

File size : 105.00 Mo

File type : Mod

Author : Efaya

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CoD4Reloaded Mod

BootifulWarfare Mod Source

Custom COD4 Mod based on OpenWarfare.

Available Gametypes :

Gametypes are : DM, CTF, SAB, GG, DOM, WAR, SD, SR, CSD

Special Features

  • Competitive Search & Destroy : Exclusive gametype based on Counter-Strike game logic. Each player got an amount of money and buy his weapons.
  • Advanced Map Voting System Enhanced : With custom map loadscreen configurable.
  • Nemesis system : Identify favorite target and your nemesis. Will be display in end of game statistics.
  • Final Killcam : In some gametypes (dm, sd, sr, csd), a final kill cam will be played for winning round/game kill.
  • Daily Challenges : Randomly picked challenges at startup for player to perform.
  • Custom quotes : Load several custom quotes shown while loading map.

Weapons matching

Sources on : GitHub