Remote Operations (#Zombies)


Date (add or upd) : 2021-01-27
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Game : Call of Duty BlackOps 3
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Last download : 2021-07-11
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Author : VerK0 (More infos...)

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With the apocalypse not slowing down and Langley overrun, the CIA have set up a base to remotely operate in an industrial warehouse.

This map features a variety of weapons from both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare making it have the Warzone weaponry, minus the duplicates (no more two AK-47s)! Grab your favorite weapon off the wall or hunt for the buffed cold war ray gun in the mysterybox!

This map features a small scale easter egg quest for Perkaholic! Remote Operations also features various side easter eggs! Can you find them all?

Commmands :
/hitmarkers <0/1>
Enables/Disables Hitmarkers.

/hitmarkers_sounds <0/1>
Enabled/Disables Hitmarker Sounds.

/devprints <0/1>
Enables/Disables developer prints for debugging.

Displays the current map version in the console.

Use commands in the console by hitting the '~' key.


Install a custom map

Instructions : Here

Call of Duty - Black Ops 3

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