Der Hafen (#Zombies) (BO3)

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Date : 2020-09-29

Author : Haxzerz

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About the map

By the author :
On a remote island in the North Sea resides a secluded rocket / research facility, seemingly abandoned. It was believed to be a joint operation ran by both Group 935 and Division 9. Having set sail, Ultimus will soon unveil the secrets lying within...

A fully fleshed out 11 step main easter egg (which may culminate in an epic boss battle)
Multiple side easter eggs & objectives
Origins style Rituals of the Ancients challenges & rewards
Unlockable wearable hats & time trials (Gorod Krovi / Revelations style)
Includes Spiki's Gun Game 2.0 as a bonus game mode (shoot the target in the spawn room to activate!)
A curated selection of Skye's WW2 Weapons (modified to be more uniform with Treyarch weapons)
GCPeinhardt's Wavegun & Gersh Devices, ZeRoY's Ripsaw, and ProRevenge's Ray Gun Mk. I Rework
HarryBo21's Craftables (Rocket Shield & Ragnarok DG4) & Galva Knuckles Hellhounds and HarryBo21's Panzer Soldats
HarryBo21's Electric Cherry & PHD Flopper, Madgaz's Crusader Ale 2.0 (see credits section for new abilities)
Func_vehicle's custom Gobblegum machine with a pre-determined selection of Gobblegums (sorry, no Power Vacuums or Perkaholics here!)
Mike Pence's Ultimus characters (fully voiced!)

One of the main goals of this map was to provide a ton of things for people to do (i.e. like modern-day zombies), but only if they want to.
It's kind of similar to Gorod Krovi in the sense that it can easily be played as a more old-school zombies map - if you so choose (the wonder weapon is available straight out of the box, for example). The map itself is of a medium to large size, with each area bearing some level of significance (whether that be a perk machine, box location, easter egg step, etc.) and touting its own unique style, so that they can all be easily distinguishable from one another.
In the same vein as Das Stahllabor (i.e. my previous map - three years already, wowza!), this map is once again designed to be quite challenging (I find it to be more fun when you're actually required to look at your screen); however there will be no Widow's Wine to save you this time! Despite this, you'll soon find that there's many new options available at your disposal - they only need be discovered, first...


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