4t4Dawnville II (ww2) (1.3) (CoD4)

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Download : 602
Date : 15 Jul 2019
File name: mp_4t4dawnville2.rar
File size : 83.38 Mo
Author : 4t4Chris


Map Title : Dawnville2 (mp_4t4dawnville2)
Map Version : 1.3

Date : Jul.12.2019
Updated 1.2 : Jul.15.2019 (Fix texture, add HQ)
Updated 1.3 : Jul.18.2019 New models by Mits (damaged_mercedesw136)

Dawnville CoD2 Remake (WW2 style)

(with extension train station and new area)
Change some objectives (/Dawnville1)

WaW, CoD2 textures
CoD2 ambient sound

Gametype : DM, TDM, SD, SAB, DOM, CTF, HQ
Map Size : Medium
Mod tested Ok : PeZBOT, NGBC Openwarfare, Ace, Rsm, Svr , Iclan_Mits, EfayaMod, WW2 MitsMod

Contents of this Package :

Credits/Thanks :
Thx to Mitsurugi (http://www.mitsmods.be/)
Thx to all NGBC members (https://www.notgoodbutcrazy.eu)
Thx all Iclan members (http://www.iclan.net/)
Special thx to Zeroy (https://portfolio.zeroy.com/)


Instructions to install a custom map : Here

Call of Duty 4

Copy the (custom_map) folder with it's contents to:
(Win 10 , Win 7)
DRIVE_LETTER:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\usermaps